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Arts for Art Presents
Vision Festival

celebrating william parker

A lifetime of achievement

2024 Vision Lineup

Tuesday, 6/18/24 – Opening Night

6:oopm Mantra

Lisa Sokolov – vocals

Art by Lois Eby

6:3opm Roots & Rituals

William Parker – composition, words, doson ngoni

​Joe Morris – guitar

Joshua Abrams – gimbre

Mixashawn Rozie -tenor sax 

Jackson Krall – Ibo Bells

Juma Sultan & Michael Wimberly – percussion

Hamid Drake & Isaiah Parker – percussion

Art by Lois Eby

7:15pm Trail of Tears excerpt “Vanished Horizon”

Andrea Wolper,  Raina Sokolov-Gonzalez – vocals

AnneMarie Sandy – mezzo soprano

Mara Rosenbloom – piano

James Brandon Lewis – tenor sax

Mixashawn Rozie – tenor sax

Isaiah Parker – percussion, keyboard

Hamid Drake – drums

Video by MoonLasso

8:30pm Raining On The Moon

William Parker – composition, lyrics, bass

Rob Brown – alto sax

Steve Swell – trombone

Eri Yamamoto – piano

Hamid Drake – drums

Leena Conquest voice  

Art Projections by © JEFF SCHLANGER, musicWitness ®

9:15 The Ancients

William Parker – composition, bass  

Isaiah Collier – tenor sax

William Hooker – drums

Dave Burrell  – piano 

Miriam Parker – dance

Art by William Parker

10:00pm William Parker & Huey’s Pocket Watch: Art Projections by William Parker

Rob Brown, Aakash Mittal – alto sax

Isaiah barr,  Alfredo Colon – tenor

Dave Sewelson – baritone – sax

Steve Swell, Colin Babcock –  trombone

Taylor Ho Bynum, Diego Hernandez –  trumpet

Colson Jimenez – bass

Hans Young Binter – piano

Juan Pablo Carletti – drums

Vocals: Ellen Christi, Kyoko

Kitamura – voice

Patricia Nicholson – voice, spoken word

Art by William Parker

This evening is with support from the Robert D. Bielecki Foundation and friends.

Wednesday, 6/19/24

7:oopm Davalois Fearon Dance

Dance: Davalois Fearon, Tess Montoya, Jalisa Wallerson, Julieta Rodriguez-Cruz


Mike McGinnis – clarinet, sax

Adriel Vincent-Brown – drums

Gino Sitson – voice

Lonnie Plaxico – bass

Live Art Projections by André Zachery

8:00pm James Brandon Lewis / Chad Taylor

James Brandon Lewis – sax

Chad Taylor – drums

9:00pm Matthew Shipp Trio

Michael Bisio – bass

Newman Taylor – drums

Matthew Shipp – pianos 

10:00pm Nasheet Waits: Tarbaby

Orrin Evans – piano

Eric Revis – bass

Nasheet Waits – drums

Thursday, 6/20/24

7:oopm Jen Shyu: Fertile Land, Fertile Body (1st Body Movement)

Jen Shyu – composition, voice, violin, gayageum, Taiwanese moon lute

Layale Chaker – violin, voice

Martha Redbone – vocals

Maeve Gilchrist – Celtic harp

Devon Gates – bass, voice

8:00pm Ingrid Laubrock: Lilith

Ingrid Laubrock – saxophones

David Adewumi – trumpet

Yvonne Rogers – piano

Adam Matlock – accordion

Eva Lawitts – bass

Henry Mermer – drums

9:00pm Darius Jones Quintet

Darius Jones – alto sax

Christopher Hoffman – cello

Liani Matteo – bass

Nick Saia – guitar

​Jason Nazary – drums

Laura Sofia Perez – video

10:00pm James Blood Ulmer Black Rock Trio

James Blood Ulmer – composition, guitar, vocals

Mark Peterson – bass

​G. Calvin Weston – drums

6:30pm Isaiah Barr Duo, “Red Zone”

Isaiah Barr – electronics, woodwinds

David Fraizer Jr – drums, percussion

JawnDiegoReyes + Isaiah Barr – art projections 

7:30pm Miriam Parker Core-Edge Quartet

Miriam Parker – director, sound, movement, video art

Lester St. Louis – cello, elec.

Raina Sokolov-Gonzalez – vocals

No Land – poetry 

Art by Miriam Parker

8:30pm Fred Moten – Poet

9:00pm Trio Plex

Cooper-Moore – piano

TA Thompson – drums

​Ken Filiano – bass

10:00pm Mendoza / Hoff / Revels

Ava Mendoza – guitar, vocals

Devin Hoff – bass

James Brandon Lewis – tenor sax

Ches Smith – drums

Saturday, 6/22/24

6:30pm Melanie Dyer’s Incalculable Likelihood (dedicated to Rebecca Elliot)

Melanie Dyer – composition, video & sculpture, viola, art

Taped voice of Mary Elizabeth Burton

 Vox: Carla Cook- alto / Kyoko Kitamura – soprano / Jason Walker – baritone

JD Parran – woodwinds

Shanyse Strickland – French horn

Charles Burnham, Gwen Laster – violins

Alex Waterman – cello

Ken Filiano – bass

Alexis Marcelo – piano

Malik Washington – percussion

7:30pm Amina Claudine Myers

Amina Claudine Myers – piano, voice

8:30pm Jason Kao Hwang & Cooper-Moore

Jason Kao Hwang – viola, violin

Cooper-Moore – didley-bow, percussion

9:30pm Oliver Lake – Poet  William Parker – bass

Art by Oliver Lake

10:00pm Holding Bridges Falling Down

Patricia Nicholson – composer, dancer, poet, vocals

DJ Marcellus – live sound mix

Ellen Christi – vocals

Devin Brahja Waldman – alto sax

Michael TA Thompson – drums

Guest dancer – Jason Jordan

Art Installation: Amir Bey, Patricia Nicholson

6:00pm Matana Roberts COIN COIN

Matt Lavelle – trumpet, alto clarinet, voice

Ryan Sawyer – drumset, auxiliary percussion, voice

Cory Smythe – piano and electronics

Mike Pride – drumset, auxiliary percussion

Darius Jones – alto saxophone, voice

Stuart Bogie – Bb clarinet and bass clarinet, voice

Matana Roberts – saxophone, conduction, voice, electronics

Special guest TBA

7:00pm Thollem McDonas  AC Villa

Thollem McDonas – pianos

AC Villa – live art projections   

8:00pm Isaiah Collier & The Chosen Few

Isaiah Collier – sax

Nat Reeves – bass

Michael Ode – drums

9:00pm Watershed Continuum

Rob Brown – alto sax

Steve Swell- trombone

Alexis Marcelo- piano

Whit Dickey – drums

10:00pm Marshall Allen & the Arkestra: Celebrates Marshall’s 100th Birthday

Marshall Allen – director reeds, evi

Knoel Scott, Anthony Nelson – baritone  

Chris Hemingway – reeds

James Stewart – tenor

Tara Middleton – voice

Hotep – guitar

Michael Ray, Kevin Batchelor, Cecil Brooks – trumpet 

Dave Davis, Robert Stringer – trombone

Vincent Chancey – french horn  

Tyler Mitchell – bass

Elson Nascimento, Jorge DeSilva – percussion

George Gray – drums 

Live Art projections by William Mazza

Come travel the spaceways from planet to planet as Marshall Allen embarks on his 101st  turn around the Sun.

about William Parker

“In the world of improvised music, Parker is foundational.” – Alan Scherstuhl, NY Times

Arts for Art is proud to announce William Parker, legendary bassist, composer, improvisor, multi-instrumentalist, author and community leader as the  recipient of the Vision Lifetime Achievement Award on June 18, 2024.

“It is the role of the artist to dance, sing, shout and whisper about all that is wonderful, beautiful and majestic. To mirror and project the present and future, to tell us the stories inside little children’s hearts (giving us a view beyond the horizon). Communicating by the language of stone, wood, soil, the language of happiness, sadness and joy. It is the role of the artist to incite political, social and spiritual revolution. To awaken us from our sleep and never let us forget our obligations as human beings... The idea is to live strongly within this vision without compromises even after being met by a cold grey world that could care less about vision, a world that makes insensitivity and murder of idealism and individualism a standard.”

In the words of Gargi Shindé, former AFA Board member:
To the community he calls home in the Lower East Side of New York City, the professional accomplishments of William Parker are not separate from his humanitarian vision to heal a world severed by capitalistic greed and hyper commodification of culture. Global consequences of American imperialism, labor exploitation, disenfranchisement in literacy and education, and aggressive urban gentrification—William’s creative repertoire is an unceasing response to the perpetually shifting targets of socio-political disenfranchisement.

As a world-renowned bassist, improviser, composer, poet, writer, and educator, William Parker brings together music, words, sound, and organizing through his innumerable recordings and live performances, operas, compositions for dance, plays, and much more. His practice, in a single lifetime, encompasses a range that evades even the most accomplished artists. He is the very embodiment of an arts ecosystem, without the spectre of corporate artifice and arts bureaucracy. William’s is a “True Self Art” as the American art critic and historian Donald Kuspit suggests, where “the self is in perpetual creative process,” a being “in perpetual metamorphic motion.” William has recorded over one hundred and fifty albums and has taught and mentored hundreds of young musicians and artists who are today the successors of the free jazz music legacy. As notions of gender inclusivity devolve into a pervasive buzzword, William has for decades created spaces for women in the vanguard of his aesthetic experimentation within large and small ensembles, and with co-editor Renate Da Rin, he published Giving Birth to Sound, a collection of essays authored by forty-eight women sound artists from North America and the global south on their life experiences and creative processes.

In 2014, The Doris Duke Foundation awarded William its largest national prize to “propel leading artists” and unlock new levels of creativity. Indeed, as a Doris Duke Artist, William’s impact on the free jazz scene for over forty years at the time was acknowledged widely, and enabled him to publish his four-part book series Conversations, an invaluable cultural preservation project documenting the lives and practice of the free jazz community of artists and organizers, bringing those individuals, as William states, “out of the realms of myth and more into the realms of reality.”  Composer and MacArthur Fellow John Zorn has called Conversations, “oral history at its best.” 

William memorializes a movement and exemplifies the kind of artist that is becoming a rarity in contemporary America. He has resisted the devolvement and sublimation of his aesthetic into socially acceptable art, not because he inhabits the margins of the mainstream as a free jazz icon, but because he radically transforms the margins into locations of artistic power. Through his collaborations with a constellation of influential artists as Cecil Taylor, David S. Ware, Don Cherry, Hamid Drake, Jeanne Lee, Maxine Sullivan, Marilyn Crispell, Milford Graves, and Peter Brotzmann, and with William’s key collaborator, artistic and life partner and muse, his wife Patricia Nicholson, the primary force behind New York Sound Unity Festival (1984) and Vision Fest, the global music gathering of creative improvisers, William is, in poet Fred Moten’s words, “the most important artist living in the world today.”

What we inherit from William Parker as creative artists, listeners, and future patrons of free jazz, is a living heritage whose origins and practice are willed into the communal encounter every day in New York City. Despite a history of philanthropic divestment from this art, William and Patricia have infused the astonishment and wonder of free jazz into the American consciousness through child and youth programs where William’s distinct pedagogy imparts the values of this music to a new generation, and free programming to audiences of all ages throughout the community gardens of the Lower East Side neighborhood.

At a precarious moment in the world, when so much divides us, William’s words provide a critical pause:

Ask a starving child what jazz is and that child might say jazz is a hot plate of food. In the final analysis, who cares what jazz is if we have no respect for life, if the world is dying.” – William Parker

William Parker Biography

A leader in the NYC FreeJazz movement since his arrival in Manhattan, from the Bronx, in 1971,  William Parker revolutionized bass playing, using double bow and other extended techniques to bring the bass to the forefront of the band while still holding down the bottom. Because Parker sees music as living, ever-changing, he developed a unique approach to the interplay of improvisation as a key element in composition as his bands well represent. Parker is an author and educator, a humorist, and an idealist (he co-led with Patricia Nicholson the Artists for a Free World Marching Band in over 40 demonstrations from 2017 to 2021). He has recorded over 250 albums, published 10 books, and taught and mentored hundreds of young musicians and artists.

Parker’s current active bands include his young new 15 piece-band Huey’s PocketWatch, the renowned sextet, Raining on the Moon, Mayan Space Station, his opera Trail of Tears, as well as special projects such as The Essence Of Ellington, the Inside Songs of Curtis Mayfield among others. He has composed music for The Wroclaw Symphony Orchestra as well as a host of commissions by large and small ensembles.  He has composed music and librettos for numerous multi-media operas including Vision Peace and Battle Cries at LaMaMa, and Mass for the Healing World in Verona. In addition, he has written hundreds of pieces of vocal and small band music. All of Parker’s music incorporates his concept of Universal Tonality. They all include improvisational languages and possibilities.

Over the decades, Parker has gained a reputation as a leader in the Black Creative Improvised Music and art scene, He has been a connector across artistic disciplines with a long-term collaboration with poet, and author David Budbill, and with Amiri Baraka and various dance companies including an ongoing collaboration with Patricia Nicholson, dancer, and poet that began in the 1970s, and is now entitled Hope Cries for Justice. Parker has his visual art practice by creating collages and paintings. Parker has published a series of short poetry books.

He has been an important source of first and secondhand information on the history of creative music, speaking on panels and teaching in classrooms. As well as with his four hefty volumes of interviews with creative musicians published by RogueArt, Conversations I, II. III & IV.  He is the subject of an exhaustive 468-page “sessionography” that documents thousands of performances and recording sessions, a remarkable chronicle of his prolific creative life. Parker is also the subject of an acclaimed biography, published in 2021 by Duke University Press entitled, Universal Tonality.

William Parker performs all over the world but he always returns to New York’s Lower East Side, where he has lived since 1975.

Early Days

William Parker grew up in the South Bronx, playing sports, and writing plays and philosophical treatises.  All music, especially all jazz music, was an important part of his early development. He received bass instruction at the JazzMobile, and private lessons from Jimmy Garrison and a single critical lesson from Wilbur Ware.  Parker played and practiced incessantly. He began playing professionally in 1971, traveling downtown to the Firehouse on East 11 St then proceed to Studio We on Eldridge and finally ended up at a basement space under the Waverly Theater where he would play into the early morning hours or at Studio Rivbea on Bond Street where in 1973 he met his wife Patricia Nicholson.  In the 70’s he began playing with and composing music for his peers, Jemeel Moondoc, Arthur Williams, Daniel Carter, Roy Campbell, Billy Bang, Raphe Malik, David S. Ware, Cooper-Moore aka Gene Ashton as well as music/dance projects with Patricia Nicholson. He also began working with older musicians such as Frank Lowe, Billy Higgins, Don Cherry, Sunny Murray and Ed Blackwell. In 1980 he became the bass player with Cecil Taylor and began regularly touring.  In the 80’s he also began to work with Milford Graves, Charles Gayle, Bill Dixon, Rashied Ali.  As well he could be heard playing with European musicians Peter Kowald, Peter Brotzmann, Derek Bailey, Han Bennick, John Tchicai and South African, Louis Moholo.

Although he had been regularly composing since the early 1970’s it wasn’t until the mid-90’s that energies were focused on having his own work as a composer-bandleader released on record. The acclaimed “Compassion Seizes Bed-Stuy” (1996) was the first such work to be released on an established U.S. label. The following year, with William Parker, as a foundational inspiration, the AUM Fidelity label was launched, and has remained a principal source of his vast scope of work on record ever since.


Films at VISION

June 16th at The Anthology Film Archives

Anthology continues its collaboration with Arts for Art on the occasion of their annual Vision Festival, with a day of film screenings relating to the event. The films will speak to what the Vision Festival represents: community, creativity, and social justice.

5:30Pm PROGRAM 1: The Artist of Vision

Underbrush – Katy Martin
2019, 16 min

With music by Matthew Shipp and The Matthew Shipp Acoustic Ensemble, recorded live at The Vision Festival.

In this film, the moving image supports the sound, and the music in turn opens up the image. That is in keeping with modes of improvisational jazz where at times, members of the ensemble take the lead and, at other times, stand back to listen and support. Underbrush was created at the invitation of the Vision Festival, and a silent version was projected onstage during the music’s premier performance.

By Night-No Stillness – Katy Martin and Miriam Parker
2009, video, 10 min

With music by Hamid Drake, dance by Miriam Parker, painting by Katy Martin, and sculpture by Jo Wood-Brown.

By Night-No Stillness is a study in black, where black becomes a radiant space within which one finds inner light. Dancer Miriam Parker and percussionist Hamid Drake perform within a video projection of a black and yellow painting on Parker’s body. The sculpture is by Jo Wood-Brown.

Energy Never Dies it only transforms – Miriam Parker
2023, 6 min

Poetry written and spoken by No Land, voice and sound by Raina Sokolov-Gonzalez.

This film is a tribute to Jaime Branch, an artist who will always be a source of inspiration to me, and a reminder of the power of our life force to expand beyond the boundaries of this flesh bag called our body.

The Origin Myth of the Dreaming Woman – Jo Wood-Brown
2022, 26 min

The Origin Myth of the Dreaming Woman tells the story of the titular character, a contemporary archetype of femininity and the ephemeral, who travels through the unseen channels of the universe. In her journey through ancient landscapes and the modern world, Dreaming Woman operates as a connective tissue not only between the past and the present but between different cultures and civilizations; she is the personification of the ties that bind us to our histories and to our futures.

In the Center – Miriam Parker
2024, 11 min

Is an excerpt of a larger body of work, dedicated to wisdom and. the mechanics of love. The rigor and discipline practices of the bodhisattva. The one who stands in the center of the fire. The polarity and movement of stillness forces us into the great release. To stay bound to stay still and not run away entails the greatest strength, the technology of love.

7:30pm PROGRAM 2: Tribute to William Parker

arts for art logo transparent

Light Slices My Heart – William Parker
1990, 16mm

The film is a document from Parker’s early days of sound and music dance and family.

The Mystery of The Gardners Groove & “Illumination” – Michael Lucio Sternbach

A documentary about the musical brotherhood of bassist William Parker and drummer Hamid Drake. Known worldwide as one of the premier rhythm sections of jazz, the two discuss their musical kinship and the shamanistic sound ceremonies they deploy worldwide. The film is a comprehensive look into their music, which becomes a conversation about the substantial lessons we learn in life.

Flowers Grow in my room – Laura Perez
2024, 18 min

This biopic chronicles early days of William Parker, from the Bronx, in the early 1970’s. In interviews on location and highlights of performances. From the diary of Little Huey: 12/67 One day flowers began to grow in my room. Beautiful flowers. Its petals were made from the poetry of life. Flowers made from music, dance, painting. Made of happy children who live in a place where there has never been or will there ever be a war. A place where every human being is encouraged to shine as bright as possible and not be penalized for it. These flowers are made of the absence of famine and human brutality. I did not ask for these flowers, nor to my knowledge do I water or care for them. They continue to grow and I continue to pick them. They are changing my life.

Visual Arts

Each one of us, each day, improvises our future. The music and art is constantly building bridges to make connections to the hearts and soul of our community, with the hope that together we can foster a better world. As a community of improvisers, we believe in the importance of deep listening skills as we strive to bring balance and beauty into the world.

– P. Nicholson

Featured Art Installation Vision 2024
Holding Bridges by Amir Bey, Art Direction by Patricia Nicholson

Amir Bey is a multi-disciplinary artist whose work involves both visual and performance arts. He is engaged in mixed media sculpture, carving, silkscreen on fabric, sumi ink paintings and scrolls, art writing, installation, performance, occult arts, and set design. This installation draws from Amir Bey’s Horizon = Sky/OceanSeries.

Patricia Nicholson is an artist whose primary language is movement. But her creativity often finds expression in poetry and design in space. She sees visions to create Hope and seeks to manifest these visions in her own creative work and in bringing artists together as she has done here at Vision. She has been working with Amir Bey closely for the past few years and has presented his work for many more.

Multi-Arts Collaborations

June 18

with The Ancients & Huey’s Pocket Watch – William Parker

William Parker legendary musician, composer, improvisor, author and teacher has been making visual art throughout his life. Much of his early work could be seen on his paintings of instruments and scores as well as in his books on the philosophy of art. His art installation in collaboration with Patricia Nicholson was featured at VISION 2023. Parker doesn’t draw attention to himself, he just continually creates art in all forms to enlighten, inspire and open eyes and hearts. His visual art works utilize mixed media, as well as intricate collages, painted scores and book illustrations.

June 23

ACvilla Live video art in collaboration with Thollem McDonas Worlds In A Life

ACVilla is a visual artist who focuses her camera on the subtleties of interpersonal dynamics and the power that context plays in constantly redefining what people believe they already know. ACVilla highlights aspects of Life with an analog sensibility using digital equipment that fits into her nomadic lifestyle. She is known for contextualizations, her unique approach of projecting the outside world in. Her works have been presented in venues across two continents in myriad contexts, including DIYs, museums, schools, universities, film societies, and theaters. With her long-time partner, Thollem, she creates large projects from documentaries to touring multimedia experiences that take audiences on journeys navigated by the perpetually travelling duo

June 19

André M. Zachery video artist in collaboration with Davalois Fearon “What Are You Doing?”

André M. Zachery, artistic director of the Brooklyn-based Renegade Performance Group, is an interdisciplinary artist, scholar, researcher, and technologist with a BFA from Ailey/Fordham University and an MFA in Performance & Interactive Media Arts from CUNY/Brooklyn College. His practice, research, and community engagement artistically focused on merging choreography, technology, and Black/African Diaspora cultural practices through multimedia work. These projection designs in support of choreographer Davalois Fearon for her piece- “What Are YouDoing?” will create a dynamically responsive visual environment that extends the physical performance space into the virtual through originally designed motion graphics and live-feed camera interaction.The projections are intended to be in conversation with the movement and sound and at times become a self-generating entity that speaks to themes of collective liberation through remembrance while also envisioning the possibilities of tomorrow.

June 21

Jawn Diego Reyes + Isaiah Barr multimedia art in collaboration with THE RED ZONE

Lower East Side Multi Instrumentalist, Composer and Onyx Collective Co-founder, Isaiah Barr will present his A/V project “THE RED ZONE”-a sonic transportation through industrial landscapes. This piece is a study of New York City and the rapid changes it goes through as we move into the future. Joining Isaiah , will be percussionist // drummer David Frazier Jr.

June 18

©JEFF SCHLANGER, musicWitness ®–Visual Art in collaboration with Raining on the Moon

The communal ARTs for ART Vision of William Parker is a primary source of whole-hearted encouragement and inspiration for us all. The musicWitness® Project has been engaged with documenting Live performances by this extended community of musicians, dancers and poets since 1975. Drawing and painting the movement of live interactive sounds in the dark is primarily an embodied listening/looking/feeling process, a marking dance with the rhythms of sonic colors. Each individually annotated performance picture is also fundamentally conceived in continuous connection with all of the others: ONE LONG PAINTING

June 23

Jo Wood Brown

We are part of a city, state, country, planet, universe and we are part of things outside of time. Communing with my neighborhood, which includes Canal Street, I conjure its origins and interact with life in the current moment.

June 20

Laura Sophia Perez – Video in collaboration with Darius Jones
Laura Sofía Pérez Devotional Flux, 2023 16mm film 9:14 min, looped

Laura Sofía Pérez is an interdisciplinary artist who works in video, film, sound, and installation. She received her MFA in Film/Video from California Institute of the Arts. Devotional Flux is inspired by the filmmaker’s conversations with saxophonist and composer Darius Jones about Fluxus, as artistic movements and as transcendence from spiritual activity through which we access new modes of being. The films are poetic interpretations of spirituality and science through syncretic still lifes and experimental alchemical processes, including phytograms and direct animation with bleach. The work was originally conceived as a 2-channel film on the occasion of Jones’ fLuXkit Vancouver (i̶t̶s suite but sacred) album release.

June 18

Lois Eby – with William Parker’s Mantra & Roots and Rituals

Lois Eby’s series for Vision 2024 is titled Persistent Light and is dedicated to William Parker and the creative energy, the persistent light, he brings to the arts and to many, many lives. Improvising with brush strokes and light and dark colors, Lois plays with the mysterious energy of light and dark. (

June 23

Melanie Dyer Video with Incalculable Likelihood: Memories on Existence in 6 mvts.

Original video/archival footage, approx. 4mins Comp./Visuals/Viola/Convener Melanie Dyer Remember; They Were Ostlers; Venture’s Tale 1798; Push, Push, Push; Convocation of Angels; Incalculable Likelihood: Our Song Finds A Way

June 22

Miriam Parker – Video in collaboration Core Edge

Miriam Parker is an interdisciplinary artist working in paint, video and movement. Parker will present an Excerpt from In the Center in collaboration with the poetry of No Land. Studies on stillness and compassion continue in this visual journal.

June 18

MoonLasso – Video created for William Parker’s Trail of Tears

MoonLasso created a video for Trail of Tears working closely with William Parker’s text with input from Patricia Nicholson and sylph images by artist Jo Wood-Brown.

June 23

Oliver Lake

I work in oils and acrylic, often with mixed media on canvas, paper and wood. I like to work with vibrant colors exploding against one another, sometimes a bit whimsical, always with a deep sense of spirituality. In addition to my flat surface work, I continue to paint a series of Talkin’ Sticks, found natural sticks painted and decorated to tell a story, break a spell, power a dream. If there are themes in the work, they come from a long collaboration with my African, Choctaw and American roots, exploring and expressing who I am, and how I see the world.

June 23

William Mazza

William Mazza is a visual artist rooted in chance operation, collaboration, accumulation, and duration, with a focus on art as a form of popular communication. Special attention is given to the experience of living in mediated environments, expanding interpretations of landscape as environment, and art-making as live performance. This performance utilizes projections of digital painting in real time, mixed with original video and animation.