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Arts For Art Artists

The Community of AFA Vision artists and AFA friends make up Arts for Art. These visionary artists keep pushing the envelope of their music, their poetry, their dance, and their visual art so that we can all see what’s possible. Together we are creating space for an open-hearted, creative way of Life. Learn more about the members of the AFA Vision Artist community!

Pheeroan AkLaff

Marshall Allen

An image of Newman Taylor Baker

Newman Taylor Baker

Amir Bey

Michael Bisio

An image of Karen Borca

Karen Borca

An image of Jaimie Branch

☼ Jaimie Branch

☼ Peter Brötzmann

Rob Brown

Dave Burrell

An image of Daniel Carter

Daniel Carter

Francisco Mora Catlett

Yoshiko Chuma

An image of Gerald Cleaver

Gerald Cleaver

An image of Isaiah Collier

Isaiah Collier

Andrew Cyrille


Whit Dickey

An image of Hamid Drake

Hamid Drake

An image of Mark Dresser

Mark Dresser

Andrew Drury

Melanie Dyer

Thomas Sayers Ellis

Ken Filiano

An image of Tomas Fujiwara

Tomas Fujiwara

☼ Charles Gayle

Hilliard Greene

Mary Halvorson

K.J. Holmes

Jason Kao Hwang

☼ Robert Janz

An image of Djassi DaCosta Johnson

Djassi DaCosta Johnson

An image of Darius Jones

Darius Jones

An image of Patricia Spears Jones

Patricia Spears Jones

An image of Kidd Jordan

☼ Kidd Jordan

☼ Alain Kirili

An image of Yoni Kretzmer

Yoni Kretzmer

An image of Oliver Lake

Oliver Lake

Matt Lavelle

Ingrid Laubrock

An image of James Brandon Lewis

James Brandon Lewis

Brandon Lopez

Tony Malaby

Alexis Marcelo

Katy Martin

William Mazza

Joe McPhee

An image of Francisco Mela

Francisco Mela

Tracie Morris

Amina Claudine Myers

An image of Aquiles Navarro

Aquiles Navarro

An image of Ava Mendoza

Ava Mendoza

Sam Newsome

Patricia Nicholson

An image of No Land

No Land

An image of Yuko Otomo

Yuko Otomo

An image of Aruan Ortiz

Aruan Ortiz

William Parker

An image of Miriam Parker

Miriam Parker

An image of JD Parran

JD Parran

An image of Tom Rainey

Tom Rainey

Tomeka Reid

An image of Jean Carla Rodea

Jean Carla Rodea

Mara Rosenbloom

An image of Lee Mixashawn Rozie

Lee Mixashawn Rozie

An image of Angelica Sanchez

Angelica Sanchez

An image of Jorgo Shäfer

Jorgo Shäfer

An image of Jeff Schlanger

Jeff Schlanger

An image of Dave Sewelson

Dave Sewelson

An image of Matthew Shipp

Matthew Shipp

An image of Wadada Leo Smith

Wadada Leo Smith

An image of Lisa Sokolov

Lisa Sokolov

Luke Stewart

Steve Swell

Michael TA Thompson

An image of Fay Victor

Fay Victor

An image of David Virelles

David Virelles

An image of Devin Brahja Waldman

Devin Brahja Waldman

An image of Nasheet Waits

Nasheet Waits

An image of Andrea Wolper

Andrea Wolper

An image of Jo Wood-Brown

Jo Wood-Brown